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Our Approach

From day one we’ve been focused on finding new ways to build highly engaged audiences and lowers costs for our fellow creatives. By creating unique radio music testing software that allows you to launch as many surveys as you need for no additional cost, we give you the ability to really connect with your audience. And because our purpose-built algorithm is designed to highlight any suspicious activity, you’ll know you’re always connecting with real people.

The result is a powerful tool that gives you full ownership and control of all collected data, accessible through a dedicated panel database that simplifies everything. That means you can integrate engaging surveys directly into your site, stay connected with your audience, and learn what they really want from you.

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Who We Are

We’re constantly looking to use our years of experience to partner with creatives who want to change the world with radio and music that everyone wants to listen to. By allowing you to test new ideas and research your audience, we know that together, we can make this happen.

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