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So What Makes MeanScore Different?

One Price Advantage

That simply means you receive unlimited savings at NO ADDITIONAL cost.

YOUR Panel Database

Each and every respondent joins your exclusive pool.

Data Cleaning

By using our EXCLUSIVE proprietary software, all irrelevant survey information is removed.

Clean Report and Metrics

Quite simply you receive exactly what you want - reports that are clean, clear and concise. We call it the 3-C Advantage.

Embedded Survey

Our questionnaire is integrated into you web-site. Your listeners are more engaged offering you more accurate responses.

Nothing Hidden

You have full access to all data - including respondent behaviour. Everything you're looking for is included.

When you conduct the surveys with our powerful online software

  • Each respondent will hear at least 5 seconds of each hook before they vote.
  • You're able to create longer hooks: Respondents give answers when they recognize the song and can move forward, allowing those who are slower, the time to make up their minds.
  • Hooks are rotated so the first tracks no longer tests better than the rest of the test.
  • At THEIR convenience, the respondents can stop and resume the survey at anytime.
  • Once a vote is placed, the system automatically takes them to the next hook.
  • Each respondent has to vote on all the songs in the list. That way, you get a full sample for each song – not a partial sample with a different number of respondents throughout the test.
  • Your surveys will be matched to your station colours and will look beautiful on any device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Because our clients are based worldwide, our tools are multilingual too.

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